BKC Vive- Arial

Placed right in BKC, this apartment is designed to feel Spacious, modern, and lively, in an extremely well accessible location within the BKC Area at a very very affordable price point. We call this – BKC Vive

The Space

The focus here is the experience of living the BKC cultural life while having a super easy in and out to all of Bombay. We redesigned a compact apartment from the ground up to keep a clean, minimalist experience at the forefront at the same time providing a modern standard at a very very affordable price point. There is Modern Comfortable Living with the added element of privacy, this apartment includes the creature comforts of a global standard apartment and the most convenient placement in BKC.

Guest access

All our equipment and appliances are brand new

  • WiFi – Blazing fast, high fidelity 100Mbps WiFi internet available 24×7 for free to all guests
  • Kitchen – A fully functional kitchen available to our guests to whip up something quick and delicious
  • Living Room – a dedicated entertainment area with a lazy couch and 55inch 4KTV with Smart features and internet connectivity to watch your favourite shows online



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