Must Read

  1. This is a Homestay and not a hotel. It is important for you to read the description very carefully and see all the pics to align your expectations and have the best experience possible. Please continue with the booking only if you are comfortable with all the points mentioned in the description.

  2. Contactless check-in and check-out process via Lock Box.

  3. We do not discriminate between guests, local or non-local, married or unmarried, we welcome all guests provided they follow the rules and regulations.

  4. Check-in and Check-out policy: We are a Homestay that is booked back-to-back and follow a strict cleaning schedule, we need the time between check-in and check-out to clean, freshen up, and prepare the apartment before 2 pm, therefore the check-in policy is stringent. please note that:-
    1. Check-in time: 2 pm. Early check-in - NOT possible.
    2. Check-out time: 11 am. A late Check-Out option is available from 11:01 AM to 12:00 PM for a nominal fee of INR 500/-. This fee will be automatically applied if you choose to extend your stay past 11:00 AM. Extensions beyond 12:00 PM are strictly not possible due to our cleaning schedules​ and could result in forfeiture of deposit.
    3. Check-Ins at any time after 10 pm are highly discouraged. We are not available for check-in assistance after 10 pm.

  5. Luggage Drop-Off - NOT possible. We do not have a reception / storage facility / common area/ lobby. These are homestays and we booked back to back. There is no way we can assist you or provide guidance.

  6. For those arriving earlier than 2pm , we cannot offer any waiting / resting area. 

  7. Timings on Chat/Call
    1. We are available on chat and call on WhatsApp between 9 am IST to 10 pm IST only.
    2. Emergency Call - After 10 pm IST we are only available on call for emergencies from our in-stay guests. Emergencies include Power Outages, Water/Plumbing Issues, AC issue, Severe hygiene Issue and other security issues only.

  8. Parking is not available within the premises unless specified in the property description. You may have to look for street parking subject to road parking rules. It is difficult to park vehicles in Bandra/Khar West as there is a severe parking crunch. We cannot guide you with parking.

  9. Wifi ​
    1. Speed 30Mbps and unlimited.
    2. Gentle heads-up: We genuinely cannot promise a 100% always-on service since cable cuts are completely out of our control. If the internet does go down, the repair time can range from 2 hours to 24 hours., an instant resolution is not possible. If the internet is a hard criterion for you, we suggest you carry a hotspot connection with you. 

  10. Kitchen
    1. Flame Free, moderately equipped kitchen for your cooking needs
    2. For a full list of available inventories including kitchen items and perishables in the house, you can check the last slide in the property images 

  11. Breakdowns: In the rare event of any breakdown (Furniture/ Electrical Repairs /AC repairs), repairs of any of the problems may take from 2 hrs to 48 hrs depending on the severity of the problem.

  12. Cleaning Policy:
    1. We provide a complimentary cleaning every 4th day of the stay
    2. Extra cleaning chargeable at INR 250 per cleaning

  13. Guest Registration Form: 
    1. If you are a Foreign National, it is Mandatory for you to fill Form C of the FRRO (Foreigners Registration Office), If you haven't filled it in already, please get in touch with us ASAP
    2. If you are an Indian National, it is required for us to keep an online guest register where you are required to fill a small form and submit an identification proof for security reasons.
    3. All the guests staying at the apartment have to fill the online form. Failing to fill the Online Guest Registration form will be deemed as a violation of policy and will result in non-refundable cancellation. 

  14. Noise: Just a gentle heads-up that there is construction work going on in the neighborhood and the city in general. Therefore, the apartment might get a bit noisy at times.

  15. House Rules & Penalties:
    1. Strictly NO Smoking. A penalty of INR 5,000/- will be charged for smoking within the premises.
    2. Strictly NO Parties. Hosting parties within the property will result in a penalty of INR 10,000/-.
    3. Strictly NO Pets: A penalty of INR 10,000/- will be applicable.
    4. Strictly NO Visitors: No visitors allowed. Unauthorized visitors will result in a penalty of INR 5,000/-
    5. Damages: Any damages to the property will incur a minimum penalty of INR 1000 or more.
    6. Loss of Key: If the key is lost, accidentally taken by a guest, or not returned to the lockbox at checkout, a fee of INR 500 will apply.
    7. Please remove your shoes while in the premises
    8. Violation of the above rules will also result in non-refundable cancellation along with the above mentioned penalties.

  16. Refundable Deposit: A refundable deposit of INR 1000 is required for Studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK and Shared Apartments and INR 5000 for 3 BHK before check-in. This amount will be automatically refunded within 5-7 business days after checkout and will be credited to the same card or bank account used for the initial payment

  17. Lost and Found Policy:
    1. Responsibility: We are not responsible for items forgotten, lost, or damaged on the property, or during collection or handover.
    2. Storage: We do not have a facility to store lost and found items. Unclaimed items will be disposed of within 7 days of being found.
    3. Claiming Items:  To claim a lost item, guests must provide a detailed description and proof of ownership.
    4. Claim Process: We recommend that you personally come in and collect your belongings, we are not responsible if your items are collected by any 3rd party.